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World Citizen Test


This quiz will bring you in different situations in which you might encounter in other countries. What behaviour will you choose? You might have no idea…
It is all about ‘do’s and don’ts’ of which there are so many!
The e-learning gives you the underlaying structure in mindsets, which will help you a lot to understand the do’s and don’ts at a deeper level!

The quiz contents 20 questions out of 200 from the Diversophy® training instrument, which is designed to enhance the cultural competence of people. It empowers those who play it to work and communicate productively across differences.
The questions take players from “Etnocentricity’ – being centered in ons’s own culture, the way we find ourselves when we first face diversity – to “diversophy”, a state of higher cultural sensitivity and skill.
If you want to know more about Diversophy, click here.

We wish you a good journey with lots to learn and lots of fun!

NB. Each question gives you a few possibilities and after picking your answer you can check it immediately. If you like to compare yourself to otheres, than do the quiz in one time – at the end you will see your score.