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Why this e-learning?

Why is this e-learning knowledge important?

It’s clear that the right style of communication is responsible for being successful in work, business and in your surroundings! The ability to develop good relationships is the key for success in all perspectives.


Operating in different cultures can be exiting as well as scary.
Good preparation is half the work! This knowledge will be fascinating, because all your experiences will fall into place like the pieces of a puzzle!









Being successful in one culture is no guarantee for being successful in another…

Four decades ago a well-known multinational encountered difficulties when they sent their best managers from the USA to Germany, China ect. Most of them were unsuccesfull! Scientific research by Prof. Dr. Ir. G. Hofstede brought up very interesting cultural dimensions, which provided very strong managing tools. Prof. Hofstedes saying is: “There are thousands of cultures, but only six cultural dimensions!” Leaders, managers etc. who are aware of these insights know how to push the ‘right cultural buttons’ of the people they have to work with! Knowing about these six cultural dimensions will broaden your horizon, so open your windows and influence your world, get a grip!

About the course

This course can be of interest for everyone who deals with people that come from another culture.
Globalisation means that  intercultural communication occurs more frequently in business, education and society. So this affects all of us!
This course contains the knowledge that you yourself can use for your own needs: it will allow you to dive into the basic mindsets of people – all people!


Benifits of this course

  • you will get up to 15 hours of precious knowledge – or just choose what you want to know
  • you will learn how culture is rooted in behaviour
  • you will obtain the scientific knowledge of the six cultural dimensions
  • you will do excercises to increase your cultural sensitivity
  • you will see how culture plays an important role in dialogue
  • you will learn how the meaning of time differs among cultures
  • you can do this e-learning where ever you want
  • you can do it when ever you want
  • you can do it individually, with a partner or in a group
  • play a role yourself in this e-learning by recording your own version of a dialogue (youtube)

This multi-media course can give you a better understanding of the cultural  WHY in the behaviour of people. It will help you to be pro-active and achieve better results.

More over, in the light of human evolution, it is a fact that collaboration is the magic word for success. Global collaboration is next, and needs of course knowledge of intercultural communication to avoid intercultural miscommunication.

Why almost for free?, you might wonder.
That is because we want the knowledge to be available for every person on this planet.
Of course face to face training is not to be abandoned.
But an intercultural training has a large knowledge component in itself.
We recommend you to do the e-learning for the knowledge, and use training time to experiment with behaviour!

We wish you an interesting and joyful journey!
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