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A very inspirational philosophical dialogue on Diversity and Inclusion between Gert Jan Hofstede and Bart Somers. 

Mr Somers is the mayor of Mechelen, Belgium and the World Mayor of 2016.  He speaks about how he turned Mechelen with high concentration of immigrants into an inclusive place to live for all the citizens regardless of their backgrounds. Please take the time to wacht it at your leisure. It is worth it!
(with many thanks to Masako of ‘Many Truths’ – expertise on Hofstede and Japan)

Klik op https://vimeo.com/237569435

Why are the Dutch successful in the games for the World Cup? 

It just might be that by culture, the Dutch are able to ajust themselves to the other team.
The coach chose this as a strategy, and Dutch are able to do so.
On top of that, they are A TEAM, no one wants to stick out.
They all have one goal that they serve : to win the world cup!

By the way… other teams must have read this… 😉

Two Loves

I love cheese and I love jam.
How about Ukraine, loving Russia as well as Europe?
Why not?

Nostalgia for South Korea and Psy …

It might be the time of year? -> Homesick again for South Korea … <:-(
I’ve just refreshed myself with a performance by Psy, in which I clearly recognize the South Korean soul:

The last sentence clearly states the dimension of the Subjective (low) feeling of Welbeing as well as Collectivism.
Psy is for me the objectification of the South Koreans: their ‘craziness’ as in Gangnam Style and their dramatic side as here.
How fantastic!

Documentary about life and work of Geert Hofstede


People are working hard on a documentary about the life and work of Geert Hofstede.
Obviously Odat also contributed a bit financially, because we believe it is important as a historical document.
Whoever wants to contribute to this ‘crowdfunding’, just let us know and we will send the information.

For an impression of the first shooting: http://siegmundaudiovisueel.nl/hofstede-documentary/

September 2013

The website is finished! Quite a job, hopefully it gives you lots of insights!

Mission accomplished

Big step: we made our e-learning for free! This is more in sync with our mission that all people must have access to this knowledge.
We hope you enjoy it!

President Hague Instituut for Global Justice: intercultural communication contributes to the civilization of the world!

At 8 July 2013 I joined the Good Practices Workshop day at the International Institute of the Erasmus University. Dr. Abiodun Williams (President of the Hague Institute for ‘Global Justice’) spook inspiringly about the use of intercultural communication.
He quoted Nelson Mandela who said: “Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world.”
Dr. Williams said also things like:
“No peace without justice and respect.”
“For intercultural communication is required: knowledge, internationaleoriëntation and sensitivity.”
“Conflict management must be a fixed part of intercultural communication.”
“Intercultural communication contributes to the civilization of the world.”

We could not agree more!

Back from South Korea again

We have been to South-Korea for the 4th time and we had a great time as usual. Thanks to our friends and great Seoul City!
Our friend Cindy of UNESCO gave us the proceedings of the 1st World Humanities Forum, held in Busan – South Korea – November 24/26 November 2011.
The articles addresses many etnical questions, so interesting! Great to read what is on the mind of the speakers from all over the world, thank you Cindy!

Koele kikker of juist niet?

Koele kikker of juist niet?

Uitingen van emoties zijn cultureel bepaald.

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Invitation for the première of the documentary about Geert Hostede 11 September ’14!

We gladly inform you that also you can be at the premiere of the unique documentary about the life of Geert Hofstede! Organiser Iekje Smit wrote how you can make that happen: I am pleased to announce that the documentary about Geert Hofstede is in its final phase of […]

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Diversity to the top!

Koreans are the best in expressing sadness! Their score on the dimension of Subjective Wellbeing’ is realy low. But they can make it so beautiful, and you know that the best results come from diversity! So have a look at this moving song, the one right side […]

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Communication training in Curaçao

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Collaboration in action!

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South-Korea 2009

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Culturele verschillen

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