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Success depends on the quality of your relations

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Do you recognize this situation? How awful it is to be in an awkward situation like that! You feel that things go wrong and you just don't have to power to be constructive. How hopeless... However!
This e-learning that you can enter above - just click on it! - is to fathom, to discuss and to bridge misunderstandings that can easily arise between cultures. And of course to avoid these situations as much as possible by being able to be proactive!
If you want to know more about the benefits of this course, just click on 'Why learn?' on top of this page.

"Culture, the silent language!"

- Edward T. Hall

"I can't believe it is all out there!"
Maria Martin Thacker
Applied anthropologist, specializing in intercultural aspects of art, business and religion
"I am impressed by the amount of information, thank you!"
Dieko Boekel
Student intercultural communication
"I can advice this to anyone with an open mind, you will learn and grow internationally "
Josh McIntosh
"I found it very interesting and useful."
Yuko Wada
Guide Hiroshima/Japan


The e-learning for just 5 euro
Please enjoy, in addition to the knowledge, some brain-cracking activities and compare yourself with many different countries in the Cultural Measurement, which is the activity at the bottom! Start by clicking the word 'E-learning' in the picture on top!
Trainers and teachers e.g. who like to make use this e-learning in their work, we can provide a link.
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Why is this e-learning knowledge important?
It's clear that the right style of communication is responsible for being successful in work, business and at home! The ability to develop relationships is the key for success in all perspectives.

Being successful in one culture is no guarantee for being successful in another...
Four decades ago a well-known multinational encountered difficulties when they sent their best managers from the USA to Germany, China ect. Most of them where unsuccesfull! Scientific research by Prof. Dr. Ir. G. Hofstede) brought up very interesting cultural dimensions, which provided very strong managing tools. Prof. Hofstedes saying is: "There are thousands of cultures, but only six cultural dimensions!" Leaders, managers etc. who are aware of these insights know how to push the ‘right cultural buttons’ of their employees!

More over, in the light of human evolution, it is a fact that collaboration is the magic word for success. Global collaboration is next, and needs of course knowledge of intercultural communication to avoid intercultural miscommunication.

For these reasons we created this online course about intercultural communication, within reach for everybody! Just click in the picture on top!